Fomatec storm

Capability of salvage logging of storm damaged timber across European forestry sites.
Fomatec Oy provides logging services to salvage storm damaged timber. The market area is the entire territory of Europe.

Salvage logging services

Logging services for forestry businesses at storm-damaged areas.

Fomatec Oy serves forestry companies in storm-damaged areas through its cooperation partners. We arrange efficient logging operations in storm-damaged areas by tapping into professional skills acquired over years.
Our staff members have solid experience from storm-damaged sites in forests across Europe and Scandinavia. Our team consists of hard-working mechanical forest harvesting professionals and lumberjacks.
We provide forestry companies a complete range of salvage logging services. We haul logged timber to the roadside for further transport in accordance with the contract and in the agreed time.
At storm-damage sites we always make sure that we work safely and in line with local standards of the particular country. We have our own foreperson at the site who instructs and assists in practical daily matters. In addition to that we have a 24/7 helpline that can be accessed at any time.
Our range of machinery and equipment comprises powerful forest machines that are equipped for work in challenging storm-damage conditions. The machines are fitted so as to satisfy any country-specific environmental and safety requirements. Drivers and lumberjacks are provided additional training ensuring that they apply in storm-damaged areas correct and safe work practices. We prepare harvesting plans for the logging area, and we instruct our employees who work at the site to observe proper methods and the given instructions while respecting environmental values.
We serve forest companies reliably and professionally in any crisis situations. We wish to be always worthy of our customers’ trust and be seen as good cooperation partners in salvage logging across Europe.
Our contact person for forest companies handling these matters is Mikael Korkman
Telephone: +358 5064277 e-mail: (working
languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, and Russian (basic))
Our contact person for forest harvesting entrepreneurs is Marko Korhonen, telephone:
+358 407519920 e-mail:

Cooperation partners

Salvage logging services of storm-damaged timber for European forestry sites.

We are looking for forest machinery businesses who are interested in cooperating with us in the salvage logging at storm-damage site. Please contact us, if your company can free up some forestry equipment to work abroad, and if your equipment is suitable for salvage logging at storm-damage sites. We are also looking to recruit professional forestry machine operators and lumberjacks with experience in working at storm-damage sites. We would like to conclude a cooperation contract with your company for harvesting storm-felled timber. We shall arrange worksites for your machines, as well as contracts for working in storm-damaged areas, and shall organise any country-specific practical matters.

1. Work safety matters
2. Occupational health care
3. Accommodation
4. Financial settlements and contract matters
5. Fuel orders
6. Spare parts and saw chain maintenance
7. Worksites and instruction
8. Technical support 24/7
9. Training and harvesting plans
10. Machine spare parts and maintenance services
11. Transport of machines
12. Laws and legal matters