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Fomatec Care contract

The Fomatec Care contract makes entrepreneurs’ daily life easier
Services and forest machinery supplies at contract price
Care contracts cover maintenance of saw chains and saw blades. Collection and return every 4 weeks. In the course of our visit we shall deliver all supplies that you might need for your forestry contract. From us you will receive all your forestry machine supplies, spare parts, and maintenance services at our preferential contract prices. When the contract is concluded you will get all products and services at discounted net prices.

The care contract also covers management and monitoring of customer’s costs. This facilitates cost tracking of each of your company’s machines.

Forestry machine supplies
The contract identifies the supplies, which are always delivered to the contractor under the contract. Such supplies include, for instance, lubricants, petroleum jellies, marker inks, saw blades, and saw chains. A new saw chain is always placed into the delivery crate to replace the used chain at the contract price.
You do not need to purchase a large stock of supplies for your warehouse in order to get the lowest price by buying in bulk; instead we deliver our contracted customers any supplies at a large buyer’s price.


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