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The idea of establishing the company was first born when its founder Marko Korhonen had for years worked abroad at storm-ravaged sites in severe and varying conditions. The initial product idea was a cargo compartment for a forestry tractor where it would be possible to sort the timber by type already at the loading stage. The compartmentalised sorting bunker was Fomatec Oy’s first commercial product. After that the firm has been steadily developing new products launching them one after another. As the product range widened the need for services became evident and today services constitute one of the pillars of Fomatec Oy. The first service offered for customers was saw chain maintenance; today the range of services has widened and developed so as to cater for the needs of the modern forestry harvesting business.
Fomatec Oy has solid experience and skilful operators. Corporate acquisitions have brought along more expertise and know-how for the company. Experts and professionals from other countries have also contributed into the company’s development efforts. The operations of the company rely on good cooperation partners who are willing to participate in shaping the forestry harvesting business for the future.
In addition to home markets, today the services and products of Fomatec Oy are targeted at international markets as well. We have set our cooperation partners the task of developing and investigating the origin of their own products and their environmental impacts. After careful testing and consideration the most efficient and environment friendly products have been selected to the Fomatec Oy’s green trade platform.
The foundation for our operations has been developed ecologically and with respect towards natural resources in the long run. We are constantly searching for new solutions for present challenges with a view to ensure application of environment friendly practices in both our services and products, as well as in our own operating methods. In future we strive to be seen as a benchmark in the development of more ecological forestry technology.
We share the story of our company with determination, and we have carefully selected the underpinning values that inspire and help us to achieve our vision and mission. We have ended up with these basic values by listening to our clients at worksites, and by interacting with our cooperation partners across the world. We expect of ourselves, as well as of our cooperation partners sustainable development that is based on advancement of green and ecological technology.


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